Our Beers

Our Beers

Proper Beer

NOW AVAILABLE on draft and in bottles!
The beer that started it all. Our flagship ale is perfectly balanced: not too malty, not too hoppy – just right. English Maris Otter pale malt, German Pilsener malt, English hops, and an American yeast come together to make the Proper Beer big in flavor, but easy to drink. Notes of bread crust, sweet barley, and a balanced bitterness combine for a perfect pint. Belly up to the bar, slam your fist down, and order a Proper Beer!

English Golden Ale
4.0% ABV
IBUS: 23
dry, balanced, hops and malt, the perfect session ale

Hopspital IPA

NOW AVAILABLE on draft and in bottles!
You’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more Hopspital. Named for our first location near historic LDS hospital, our session IPA is brewed with three kinds of hops in the boil and dryhoppingstages. Chinook and Glacier hops add a piney, fruity body with hints of citrus while Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand lend a tangy, subtly tropical flavor with notes of kiwi, gooseberry and peach. Drink two and call me in the morning.

Session India Pale Ale
4.0% ABV
IBUs: 42
strong malt base, piney & fruity hops, hint of tropical flavor


Lake Effect

NOW AVAILABLE on draft and in bottles!
Lake Effect is a tribute to Randall Pink Floyd, the legendary rogue flamingo that resided at the Great Salt Lake. An archaic, German-style ale brewed with over 50% wheat, coriander and local salt, our Gose has a unique flavor profile. Unfiltered with a creamy yellow color, this wheat ale is full-bodied with a floral spice character, while sour, tangy and extra refreshing at the same time. You gotta drink what Randall Pink Floyd wants to drink.

Leipziger Gose
4.0% ABV
sour, salty, floral, spice character, bright, refreshing



NOW AVAILABLE on draft and in bottles!
Patersbier, or “father’s beer”, is a traditional low-gravity style that was a staple of Belgian monasteries. Pilsener malt, flaked oats, and German Tettnanger hops allow the traditional Belgian yeast to shine, producing complex fruity notes that compliment the dry, slightly bready body. Highly carbonated for a crisp, refreshing finish, this beer pairs well with any meal. Drink now, and forever be at peace.

Belgian Single Ale
4.0% ABV
IBUs: 19
light, dry, refreshing, Belgian yeast character


Brumblin' Brown

NOW AVAILABLE in 22oz bottles
Brumble: [bruhm-buhl]

.v brumbled, brumblin’, brumbles

To walk, stroll, or saunter through the great outdoors with your favorite beverage in hand and extras in your pockets. So lace up your boots and hit the trails! To help you on your way, we’ve combined flavorful roasted malts and flaked oats with Belgian yeast and continental hops to brew this fine brown table beer. With notes of toasted bread, nutty malt, brown sugar and raisin, it’s the only trail mix you’ll ever need.

Belgian-Style Table Beer
4.8% ABV
IBUs: 29
rich, roasty, raisin, toast



NOW AVAILABLE in 22oz bottles
Start a discussion, voice your opinion, light a bonfire. This beer is our homage to the provocateurs, the catalysts, the instigators. Brewed in the classic tradition of German lagers, this pale “helles” bock is crisp and smooth, but packs a punch. Made using German barley and German and American hops, Instigator starts off malty and bready but flows into a floral noble hop character and finishes dry with lively carbonation. Grab a bottle and strike match. But seriously though, no arson.

Helles Bock
6.2% ABV
IBUs: 30
clean, light but malty, floral hops


FaultLine IPA

NOW AVAILABLE in 22oz bottles
This beer is a perfect splitter, balanced tenuously between malty and hoppy. Brewed with flaked barley and two kinds of crystal malt to create a rich base, we then pack in an international cast of hops during the boil and dryhopping to create a strata of resinous and fruity hop flavor. Crack one open, and get your crimp on!

Red India Pale Ale
7.0% ABV
IBUs: 62
pine, resin, caramel, malty, dark fruit


Recommend Rye

NOW AVAILABLE in 22oz bottles
Straight from the doctrine and covenants, this beer is a revelation. Two kinds of rye, malted and un-malted, and a traditional saison yeast from the rural regions of France and Belgium set the tone. With the addition of German malts and fruit forward hops, you get a light-colored beer with tons of flavor. The high carbonation and yeast’s tart dryness enhance the rich character and aroma of the rye. Ask your Bishop about it!

Rye Saison
5.4% ABV
IBUs: 28
spicy, dry, earthy, peppery


Grand Sláinte

“Sláinte” (pronounced slahnt-cha), is the traditional Gaelic toast meaning, “to your health!” Maris Otter pale malt, flaked barley, caramel and roasted malts and English hops are fermented clean with American yeast for a dry, full-bodied result. The flavor is heavy roast with themes of coffee and dark chocolate. Warming releases notes of raisin and black currant. A hint of lasting brown sugar and char linger on the tongue. Raise a glass to you and yours, Sláinte!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.59.00 PM


Ragman IPA

This Belgian-style IPA is dedicated to the memory of our friend David Fetzer, an avid home brewer. The body is light and dry, with a slightly fruity note added from the yeast. Three varieties of hops add a smooth floral start with flavors of nectarine and a bitter and resinous finish. A portion of every bottle sold is contributed to the David Ross Fetzer Foundation for the Emerging Arts.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.59.09 PM



Can true leisure ever be attained? This beer attempts to answer the eternal question. A hybrid beer, LeisureBrau combines the smooth malt body of a Vienna Lager with the lust for hops of an American IPA. Vienna and Munich malts create a slightly sweet and rich base, countered by the bitterness from aggressive hopping. This beer is lagered cold for weeks (no need to rush) and then dry hopped quickly for a fresh, smooth flavor. Made for those in pursuit of true leisure.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.59.16 PM


Marmalade Wheat

Marmalade Wheat is named for Salt Lake’s historic Marmalade district. Brewed with three kinds of orange peel, citrusy American hops and house-toasted wheat, this beer is anything but usual. The flavor starts warm and rich with subtle caramel sweetness in the body and ends with a lasting, tangerine peel finish. The orange flavors pair with the bready wheat to make a nicely balanced pint. Local, innovative, and brewed with pride!

2016-06-14 19.42.36

Hop Vs Hop

Punches are flying in this dual-hop (or duel-hop?) Double IPA. Hops from all over the world will meet in this ring to battle it out for lupulin domination. Area resiny pine and bright citrus the champions or will tropical notes and stone fruit win the day? Who will triumph? The real winners are Utah’s hopheads. This rotating beer with feature a different combination of two aromatic hops with each release. Check the bottom right corner of the label for which hops are used in this batch.

2016-06-14 19.42.06


This hybrid beer combines citrusy hop flavors and the character of an Abbey-style golden ale into a unique taste for the beginning of Spring. “Ostara” is the Old English word for the vernal equinox, and this bright, Belgian-style IPA brewed with grapefruit and lemon peel bids farewell to the cold Winter months and welcomes the longer hours of daylight. Delicate floral notes pair with lush tropical aromas and warming hints of alcohol. Perfect for those first brisk nights spent out of hibernation.


Salted Caramel

Your favorite flavor of ice cream is now available in liquid form! This concoction was inspired by our neighbors at Hatch Family Chocolates, who are famous for their salted caramel candies and ice cream. The smooth and dark characters of the malt base are contrasted by the rich sweetness of our house made caramel, and both are accented by the local salt we add to the brew. The result is a well-balanced flavored porter with a little something extra, and goes great with dessert.



Named for the Old English word for the Autumnal Equinox, this ale is the perfect transition between refreshing summer weissbiers and the rich autumn doppelbocks. Invented by Matilde Schneider in 1907, weizenbock is the strongest of German wheat beers and relies on a special top-fermenting yeast to produce the famously fruity and spicy flavor profile. Notes of plum, raisin, clove, vanilla, and nutmeg evolve as the beer warms in the glass. Perfect for brisk nights and the first dropping leaves.


La Belle Peche

Saisons are traditional French farmhouse ales brewed for drinking during “La Belle Saison”, meaning the “the beautiful season” aka summertime. We thought we’d match the dry tartness of a classic saison yeast with the subtle richness of American peaches and ferment it nice and hot, just how we like it. Because we add 100% real peach puree during fermentation, the result isn’t a sweet beer. The yeast chews through all that fruit sugar, drying out the beer, leaving a lovely peach flavor.



Litha is a pagan word for the summer solstice, and we think this is the perfect beer for the longest day of the year. This version of a saison is brewed with rustic grains like rye and oats and mixture of American hops that add complex tropical fruit notes. With the addition of the traditional farmhouse yeast and the high-temperature fermentation, this beer transforms into a lush-yet-refreshing sipper. Post up on the porch, crack open a bottle, and soak up that sunlight!


Czech Your Head

So check this out, like a good mix tape, it’ll put you in the right mood. We brewed a classic Bohemian Pilsener with Czech and German ingredients and a traditional cold lagering process. We won’t change up this style just to fit in, it’s perfectly balanced between dry, crackery malt and sharp Saaz hops with more spice than the Frugal Gourmet. THis beer is a tribute to those who come correct and even in the next millennium, it’ll still be old school.